Sweet, crunchy, fast-growing roots perfect for fresh snacking. Direct sow all season.


Like all good heroes of Japanese animation, the Tokyo Market Turnip deftly maneuvers through strange and sometimes hostile conditions. Frost barely out of the ground? No problem! Need greens for eating in less than a month? You got it! Want a root crop for the winter that you can sow after Labor Day? Koko ni arimasu! The roots remain tender, sweet, and delicious despite these challenges, resulting in the proliferation of a fandom that is sure to keep on growing.


Minimum Seed Count: 25

Hudson Valley Seed Company

Turnip | Tokyo Market | Open Pollinated Heirloom

  • All seeds we collect or sell are Open-Pollinated, Pure, Natural, Non-GMO and organic seeds.

    We've sourced from amazing growers such as Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or Hudson Valley Seed Company, as well as our own One Acre Garden. This has been and will continue to be our guiding principle.


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