Helianthus annuus

Thick Golden Blooms, Like Pillows for Restless Teddy Bears


There weren't always Teddy Bears. While stuffed animals have a long history, it wasn't until 1902 that the Teddy Bear we know today was perfected. Named after Theodore Roosevelt, the bear was toymaker Morris Michtom's homage to a bear Teddy encountered during a hunting expedition. He refused to kill the bear, as it had been trapped and restrained for him, which to Roosevelt felt unsportsmanlike. The bear became known as Teddy's Bear, and the toy captured the pathos of the moment in its soft, cuddly, utterly un-scary form. This sunflower, in turn, is an homage to the toy--and the bear. Its blooms are like plush golden pillows; its stature is diminutive; its appeal to children is universal; and it is kept alive only by the mercy of benevolent humans.


Art Pack,100 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

Teddy Bear Sunflower | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Heirloom Seed

  • Days to Maturity 75 days
    Planting Depth 3/4 inch
    Spacing in Row 10 inches
    Spacing Between Rows 30 inches


    Sow seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed, or start indoors a couple weeks before frost. Sow 3-4 seeds per foot; thin to indicated spacing once seedlings are established. This dwarf variety only grows to 2-3' high. Requires full sun, only moderate soil and moderate water. Makes a great cut flower.

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