A petite pea perfect for planters.


Grimm’s fairy tales celebrate many tiny but clever characters, including Tom Thumb. At the end of his first journey away from home—surrounded by tricksters, thieves, and a wolf—Tom Thumb exclaimed, “I have traveled all over the world… and now I am very glad to come home and get fresh air again.” Peas, too, have traveled the world, and this Tom Thumb is happy to continue moving. Bred for container culture, this pea will happily travel around your patio in a pot or planter.

While lot a heavy producer, this petite shelling pea is delightful when placed on a window sill, table, or patio for a satisfying snack. Munch on the leaves too!


Minimum Seed Count: 25

Hudson Valley Seed Company

Pea | Tom Thumb | Open Pollinated Heirloom

  • All seeds we collect or sell are Open-Pollinated, Pure, Natural, Non-GMO and organic seeds.

    We've sourced from amazing growers such as Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or Hudson Valley Seed Company, as well as our own One Acre Garden. This has been and will continue to be our guiding principle.


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