Melothria scabra

Bite-sized bits of bright and tangy flavor explosion.


Itty bitty, bite-sized cucumber-like fruits form on this unique, sprawling but small leaved vine. Each bite is a refreshing, explosive sensation, and the flavor is a treat: sweet and pleasant, but predominantly tangy, hence the name. Not a true cucumber, but a member of the species Melothria scabra. A great choice for small spaces, those who love anything unique and for market growers. Also a very popular item sold at farmer's markets in packed in half-or-full pints. Trellis for best production, ease of harvest and use of space.


Art Pack, 500 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

Mexican Sour Gherkin | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Seeds

  • Days to Germination 5-14 days
    Days to Maturity 65 days
    Planting Depth 1/4 inch
    Spacing in Row 12 inches
    Spacing Between Rows 42 inches
    Height at Maturity 72 inches


    Start indoors 2-3 weeks before last frost or direct sow outdoors after last frost. Vigorous vines can reach 6´ long, trellis for best results. Can also be grown in containers with a trellis nearby for vines to climb on.

  • Artwork by Wendy Edelson: About the Artist: "Wendy Edelson lives on a river in a valley in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont, , spending her time illustrating children-s books and creating art for packaging, posters, advertising, collectibles and grown up books. She has managed to steal just enough time away from her drawing board to occasionally travel the world and has learned how to whip up a mean Puttanesca sauce and bake biscotti , speak passable Italian, grow scented flower gardens and heirloom vegetables, learn to dance, be happy, write a children-s book, get married and have a son , love a Corgi and a fluffy gray cat....and the fun-s just begun!" About the Art: Children's book illustrator Wendy Edelson was a natural choice to capture both the cuteness and the complexity of this winding vine crop. With precise pencil and and ink illustrations, Edleson brought both this variety and a delightful mouse picnic to life.


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