Lactuca sativa

This deep hued lettuce is great paired with other greens, or enjoyed on its own on a crisp fall day.


Deep garnet hues with a brilliant sparkle, the full-bodied, rich, earthy flavor belies a distinct nose of black cherry with herbaceous undertones. Fresh and full bodied yet appealingly cloaked in a subtly ruffled velvet robe that gives it a delightful feel to the palate. Well structured, supple, and smooth, this Merlot wine lettuce should be enjoyed when young and crisp. (Unlike fine wines, the quality of this Merlot degrades as it ages.)


Art Pack, 250 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

Merlot Lettuce | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Seeds

  • Days to Germination 3-10 days
    Days to Maturity 28 days baby, 60 maturity
    Planting Depth 1/4 inch
    Spacing in Row 4-12 inches
    Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
    Height at Maturity 10 inches
    Width at Maturity 10 inches


    Sow indoors beginning 8-10 weeks before last frost, or direct sow beginning about 4 weeks before last frost. Harvest late spring and summer sowings promptly to beat bolting. Continue sowing until about 2 weeks before first fall frost. Lettuce likes steady (but not excessive) moisture and can become prematurely bitter during dry spells; keep irrigated for best-tasting leaves. Harvest at baby stage when leaves are 3" high, or at maturity. Merlot is an open lettuce, harvest mature heads when full and frilly.

  • Watercolor by Bayla Laks. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Bayla has been incessantly painting and drawing the people and environments around her since the day she could first hold a crayon. Her work is primarily in watercolors and depicts whimsical narrative renditions of everyday life. Pursuing a career in Illustration, Bayla has studied all over the world including Italy, Mexico, The Camberwell College of Arts - University of Arts London, and has a BFA from The Hartford Art School in Connecticut. She has had extensive experience teaching painting, drawing, printmaking, and bookbinding to all ages and has planned and coordinated many shows for youth and young adults with developmental disabilities. Bayla has had her art work displayed in numerous exhibits, galleries, album covers, product packaging, logo design, and films such as Allen Coulter’s ‘Remember Me’. Bayla is currently living and working in Sitka, Alaska where she works with Alaska Arts Southeast as the  After School Arts Coordinator.


    From the Artist: "I first heard about the Hudson Valley Seed Library's call for Pack Art through my good friend Tusha who works for the seed library. I felt that I was a perfect candidate because not only am I a local Hudson Valley artist, but the majority of my current work focuses on nature and local enviroments. During the time I was painting the package art for Merlot Lettuce, I was living and working on a biodynamic farm in Hudson NY spending many hours in a small greenhouse planting baby seeds. The project and my daily life seemed to meld together perfectly. For the finished painting I used Tusha as my model and placed her on the Hudson farm I was living in with a fresh bushel of lettuce draped over one arm and a glass of merlot in her hand. Behind her, the Catskill Mountain range rolls by including Overlook to the far right, a homage to where I grew up."


    Medium: watercolor and pen and ink on hot press watercolor paper


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