Fresh greens all season long—no greenhouse required!


early adopters of the locavore movement had a challenge when trying to eat within 100 miles of their homes: winter. While it was possible to find storage crops such as roots, apples, and cabbages—as well as to can, dry, and freeze much of summer’s bounty—fresh greens were hard to come by. Luckily we have the little-known mache (pronounced "mosh"), also called lamb’s lettuce or corn salad, to fill this void. A superb overwinterer, this satisfying, cold-hardy green is soothing, nutritious, and flavorful, with its own invisible insulation like a lamb's warm coat. It is eaten fresh and is an excellent salad base. Grow this green in your cold season and keep your tummy warm.


Minimum Seed Count: 200

Hudson Valley Seed Company

Greens | Mache | Open Pollinated Heirloom Seed

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  • All seeds we collect or sell are Open-Pollinated, Pure, Natural, Non-GMO and organic seeds.

    We've sourced from amazing growers such as Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or Hudson Valley Seed Company, as well as our own One Acre Garden. This has been and will continue to be our guiding principle.


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