Solanum lycopersicum

Heirloom tomato pinup--sweet, glowing, meaty, and juicy.


The days of mid-summer are as precious as gold, and as luminescent. Goldie Tomato seems to take shape out of the pure, glowing brightness of these days. With tender skin, sun-drenched flesh, and a flavor that is rich and candy sweet, Goldies arise only to dissolve, deliciously, on the tongue. The plants produce fat, heavy, slicing tomatoes that only split when you slice them. Our favorite-flavored tomato again and again!


Art Pack, 25 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

Goldie Tomato | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Seeds

  • Days to Germination 7-10 days
    Days to Maturity 80 days from transplant 
    Planting Depth 1/4"
    Spacing in Row 24"
    Spacing Between Rows 36"
    Height at Maturity 6 feet
    Width at Maturity 24 - 36 inches


    Sturdy indeterminate vines require support. Start indoors 3-8 weeks before last frost, then transplant after last frost. Prune to one trunk and no more than 3 main branches for healthy, easily trellised plants. For peak eating, harvest when the fruit are just turning soft and have a deep golden orange hue.

  • Collage by Sarah Snow.


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