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German Thyme | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Seeds


Thymus vulgaris

The thyme is right: evergreen, aromatic and easy to grow!


We have long hoped the day would come when we could have an excuse to put a garden gnome on a seed pack. Although gnomes are often a tacky afterthought or companion to a plastic pink flamingo, they have a long and distinguished history tough garden helpers. The perfect figure(ine) for this pack, diminutive clay garden gnomes originated in Germany in the 1800s. What's more, both Gnomes and thyme are known for their abilities to ward off danger. Gnomes are protectors in the garden, and thyme was long believed to be an antidote for poison and a preventer of plague. But most of all, thyme is associated with courage, as depicted by our gnome bravely fighting off an intruding squirrel.


Art Pack, 250 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

  • Growing Information

    Days to Germination 7-14 days
    Days to Maturity 85 days
    Planting Depth 0 inches
    Spacing in Row 6 inches
    Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
    Height at Maturity 8 inches
    Width at Maturity 10 inches


    Start thyme indoors 8 weeks before last frost by seeding clusters of 5-10 seeds together on top of the soil, pressing them in and watering them in lightly. Keep moist, but not wet. Transplant outdoors when seedlings are 3" high, spaced at least 6" apart. (Thyme does not mind some crowding.) Harvest the upper green growth and prune back flowering stalks to promote more green growth.

  • About the Art

    Wood figurine by Ulana Zahajkewycz. Ulana has been illustrating for over 20 years. She has a BFA and MFA in illustration. Some of her clients include The New York Times, The Minnesota History Center, Girl’s Life Magazine, Top Shelf Comics, Print, and USA/SyFy Network. She's even spied her mural work on HBO’s The Soprano’s (Season 1, Episode 12 “Isabella”). Her work has been exhibited around the country. Some venues include: CBGB’s 313 Gallery in NYC, Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria, OR, Philadelphia Sketch Club in Philadelphia, PA, Light Grey Art Lab Gallery in Minneapolis, MN, Tin Man Alley in Philadelphia, PA, The Fringe in Newark, NJ, Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ, Westbeth Gallery in NYC, Twist Art Gallery in Nashville, TN, The Chris White Gallery in Wilmington, DE, Max Fish Gallery in NYC, and at the Woodstock 99 Festival in Woodstock, NY. She is very influenced by folk art, Ukrainian children's stories, Japanese toys, Scandinavian design and legends/ghost stories from around the world.


    From the Artist : "About 4 years ago, I realized that I LOVE gardening. Watching my seeds grow into beautiful flowers makes me joyful beyond measure. I collect seeds from everywhere and even picked up a few packets from the Hudson Valley Seed Library. Last year, when I saw their gorgeous art packs at the Philadelphia Flower show, I started to imagine my artwork on one of their packs. Happily, they thought my work was a good fit too! So it began! The team at HVSL really liked the gnomes they saw on my website, so they asked if I could create a gnome-themed image for their German Thyme. What a perfect match! At first I had a more romantic illustration featuring a lady gnome, but then we chose to create a more adversarial look. In came Mr. Squirrel and the battle just became more real. We have our own battles with squirrels in my garden, so I had plenty of inspiration! I selected my basswood, outlined the imagery, cut it out on my bandsaw, sanded it, primed it, painted it with acrylic and then sealed it with a clear coat of acrylic spray. The background was created with gouache on watercolor paper. If this squirrel thinks he's going to get to our Gnome's German Thyme, he better think again. Gnomes are tough and this one is just getting ready to defend his herbs! Gnomes Unite!!"


    Medium: basswood with acrylic, gouache background