Ocimum basilicum

It Takes a Village


Hundreds of years ago Genovese villagers collectively selected this basil for the qualities they felt made the best pesto: large thick deep green leaves on sturdy plants. Yes, you can make pesto with a food processor. But why not spend a half hour on a breezy, summery day making it the old-fashioned way - with a mortar and pestle? (Ah, now you know where that word comes from!) No time for pesto tonight? Not to worry: this variety is also the ideal basil for stews, soups, and sautes. Buon appetito!


Art Pack, 250 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

Genovese Basil | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Seeds

  • Days to Maturity 65
    Planting Depth ¼"
    Spacing in Row 8"
    Spacing Between Rows 12"


    Direct sow after last frost, or sow seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Sow at monthly intervals until 60 days before first fall frost for quality leaves all season. Harvest often to prevent flowers from forming. To harvest, cut basil at the stem just above new leaf growth. Basil is very sensitive to the cold; harvest or protect plants if frost is imminent.

  • Art by Hazel Jarvis. A reverence for travel and tradition shines through Hazel Jarvis's works. Trained in botanical watercolor and traditional Japanese painting, her Genovese Basil uses a blending of collage and paint to illustrate the Italian Bail dish that took the world by storm.


    Hazel lives and teaches water media in Connecticut, and is passionate about color and pattern, gardening and traveling.


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