"Luckily I’m a botanist. Mars will come to fear my botany powers." - Mark Watney, The Martian (ie. Matt Damon on Mars)


Essential to all gardeners, a garden dibbler can measure the correct depth to plant seeds and how far apart to space them. Easy to use and needed in every gardening emergency. This tool is designed to measure the correct depth for seeds, make a hole for transplanting, and can measure the distance between plantings. While one tool can do all, we recommend investing in our Survivalist Set which comes with three dibblers and 10 meters of garden twine to measure out neat and perfect rows. Alternatively, dibblers can be used against the undead* in an emergency when the zombie apocalypse strikes or as a handy wooden stake against vampires* after you have planted your autumn garlic.


All dibblers are hand turned on a lathe with care and precision by our master survivalist Mr D - making each one unique as the day the earth stood still. Sealed with beeswax and linseed oil, you'll notice some imperfections in the wood as they are hand made.


*Use dibblers with care. These are garden tools and never to be used as a weapon against any living creature. We will not be responsible for your stupidity and lack of common sense.

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