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Emerite Pole Bean | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Seeds


Phaseolus vulgaris

Classic filet pole bean with excellent flavor and texture. Requires trellising. 72"+ tall.


Though Americans are most familiar with mid-sized green beans, the thinner French filet beans make for much better eating. Slower to turn bulgy and stringy than American-style green beans, Emerite, a pole French filet bean, is thinner at harvest time. Cooking is quick—don't overdo it!—and the result is a pile of slender, tender vegetable that is pure ambrosia for the green bean lover's soul. If you've never grown pole beans, the ease of harvest and the long season of the vines will leave you amazed at how easy green beans can be.

Be sure to provide a trellis while plants are still very young, pole beans yield generously as long as they are allowed to grow up.


Art Pack, 25 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

  • Growing Information

    Days to Germination 3-7 days
    Days to Maturity 75 days 
    Planting Depth 1"
    Spacing in Row 6"
    Spacing Between Rows 36"
    Height at Maturity 72 inches
    Width at Maturity 12 inches


    Direct sow seeds and thin to 6 inches when plants have their first set of true leaves. Provide a sturdy trellis early for beans to grab hold of. This variety can reach 6 feet high and will yield crunchy and succelent beans over several weeks. Harvest when beans are taught, but before seeds are discernable.

  • About the Art

    Artwork by Joy Newton. "Our greatest journeys are often those we never expect, and I think my life and career as an artist are examples of that. I grew up surrounded by nature and design; my father was a scientist and plant collector, and my mother was a lover of gardening, decorating, and fabrics. Steeped in the museum culture of Boston, the stunning landscapes of the New England countryside, and the carefree seaside lifestyle of Cape Cod, my philosophy of finding art in the everyday was developed at an early age. I have been recognized for my unique style in both watercolor painting and textile design with an interesting combination- intersecting design, art and science. My work and career have evolved overtime, with a focus on farming and agriculture (living on a farm, surrounded by 23 working farms) and the beauty found "on the farm" through my art and goods. I am inspired by the shapes and colors (and value) far beyond the flavorful harvests, "celebrating the uncomplicated pleasures that fill our souls and our tables: the land, the sea, and the hands that toil in both."