Salvia officinalis

Take our advice: plant this herb to bring a bit of wisdom to your herb patch and flavor to your bouquet garni.


The name "sage" comes from the Latin verb salveo, meaning "to heal". This is because the plant is said to be able to heal almost everything. But the word sage also refers to wisdom, and quite often the wisdom of age. Sir John Harington explored this connection in 1607. "But who can write thy worth, O sovereign sage," he wrote. "Some ask how Man can die where thou dost grow" In Latin Salvia takes the name of safety; in English Sage is rather wise than crafty. Sith [since], then, the name betokens wise and saving, we count it nature's friend and worth the having. If you would like to grow wiser with age, grow with sage by your side in the garden. It will return every year: older, wiser, and more generous.


Art Pack, 200 seeds

Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

Common Sage | Hudson Valley Seed Company | Organic Seeds

  • Days to Germination 5-10 days
    Days to Maturity 85 days
    Planting Depth 1/4 inch
    Spacing in Row 12 inches
    Spacing Between Rows 18 inches
    Height at Maturity 12 inches
    Width at Maturity 12 inches


    Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow 1-2 seeds per pot. Keep soil moist but not wet until seeds have germinated. Overwatering can result in damping off; allow the soil to dry a bit between waterings. When seedlings have 1-2 sets of leaves, thin to 1 per pot. Transplant outdoors when plants are 4" high. Can also be grown in containers. Sage prefers full sun and well drained soil. Sage is a short lived perennial that lasts 3-5 years.

  • Art by Kristin Flynn. Kristin lives and has a studio in the Hudson Valley -not far from the Seed Library! She finds inspiration and metaphor for her work in the surrounding woods and fields, creating narratives with plants, bones, birds and landscapes.

    From the Artist: "The painting for Sage began as I begin many pieces, by researching and collecting forms. I wanted to create a wild, tangled space filled with the smell of sage. I want the bog to feel faintly remembered with the sage blooming and fading in a state of growth and passing. Using a large piece of gessoed paper, I wipe loose graphite powder to create and find composition. After I have established the space and forms, I paint in color with ink and gesso. I was so excited to design a seed packet as my work has involved plants for years. I love the mission of the Seed Library and the work they are doing."


    Medium: graphite, ink, gesso/paper


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